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123 Chill Movies, Go Movies, Go Stream, MeMovies, or 123movieshub is a network of file-streaming websites operating in Vietnam that allows users to watch movies for free. The “Most Popular Illegal webSite in the World” was named by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) in March 2018.

Still, it shut down weeks after a criminal investigation by Vietnamese authorities. However, as of July 2022, the network is still active via clone sites.


GoMovies Logo Name Sometimes Shows “123Movies” Others Shows “123Movies” Sometimes it is done. The original call and URL was 123movies, but he changed to other domains, including 123movies. Before redirecting to Go Movies. Go and go to the movies later. Teeth. Changed to streaming. Before going to 123movieshub, go to .And stay there until you shut it down.

In October 2016, the MPAA wrote 123 Chill Movies in its Online Notorious Markets survey for the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR), stating: the United States had 123 movies. According to SimilarWeb data, as of August 2016, 123movies. Had 9.26 million unique users worldwide. Also, in October 2016, Business Insider reported that 123movies.to was the “Most Used Pirate Website” in the U.K. His RIP of film, Blu-ray, camera grade.

Video hosts and players included Openload, Streamango, and MyCloud. During its existence and downtime, TorrentFreak’s website was featured in terms of its functionality, uptime/downtime, shutdowns, and reasons for shutdowns. In December 2017, the maker of 123movies launched another anime streaming site, AnimeHub, which remained online for months after 123Movies shut down.


The 123 Chill Movies Shutdown Notice. In March 2017, TorrentFreak reported that U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam Ted Osius was talking with local Information and Communications Minister Truong Minh Tuan about shutting down illegal video streaming sites from Vietnam; 123 reported that it listed the movies in the book as follows.

Specific Area

In October 2017, the MPAA announced 123Movies and its Online Notorious Markets survey to the Office of the United States Trade Representative, stating that while the website was morally hosted from Ukraine that: “The site takes numerous steps to hide the identity of the operator, adding using Cloudflare, but there is strong reason to believe the worker is still in Vietnam; content is posted using cyberlockers from numerous email accounts originating from Can Tho University of Medicine and Pharmacy.”

In March 2018, the MPAA said that the website was the “most popular illegal website in the world,” stating it was operated from Vietnam and approximately received 98 million visitors per month. On March 19, 2018, a note on the site’s home page announced its shutdown and urged users to “respect filmmakers by paying for movies and T.V. shows.”


In October 2018, the MPAA’s update on Online Notorious Markets to the United States Trade Representative said that the closure of 123 Chill movies, 123movieshub, go stream, and movies, on foot of a criminal investigation in Vietnam in 2018 was “an important development” in combatting illegal film privacy services.

However, the MPAA report also noted that numerous copycat sites had emerged in at least 8 other countries. In November 2018, TorrentFreak reported websites connected or similar to 123Movies, such as WatchAsap, had also been shut down by the FBI but was redirected to other file-sharing sites. While blocking the website in India, numerous clones increased in India in 2018.


The MPAA only commented on 123 Chill Movies in its 2016 report to the USTR. Not mentioned in the 2015 MPAA report to the USTR on Notorious Markets. Similarly, TorrentFreak’s first article on 123Movies is dated late 2016.

It is the newest addition to the popular streaming website, whuich is embeds content from popular movies and series from third-party cyberlockers. The site changed between 2016 and 2017, rebranded to Movies in March 2017, and registered as Go-Stream in July 2017. It is believed to be due in part to the high profile pressure.

Unique Users Worldwide

According to SimilarWeb data, as of August 2016, there are 26 million unique users worldwide. This website currently uses reverse proxy services in the United States, Iran, and Romania to limit the rights holder’s ability to identify its exact host.

  • Retrieved February 22, 2019. The 123movies.to a website is the largest destination on the list. The site is now the U.K.’s most used pirate site, attracting millions of visitors from all over the world every day. An impending lockdown will lead to a temporary drop in traffic, but 123movies already anticipate such action. Streaming portals now report that they have alternative domains that can help you avoid blocks.
  •  Retrieved January 19, 2019. “Currently, the most popular illegal site in the world, the 123movies.to (at the moment) operates in Vietnam and has 98 million monthly visitors,” Van Voorn told his VNExpress. Rice field.
  • Retrieved February 21, 2019. According to a message published on the site, it will be closed on weekends. At the same time, operators are asking users to respect filmmakers by paying for movies and T.V. shows.
  • Retrieved January 19, 2019. 123movies came to the attention of the U.S. Trade Representative after being included in the latest infamous market report highlighting a market that engages in and facilitates serious piracy and counterfeiting. Last year, the U.S. Ambassador to Vietnam called on local governments to prosecute his 123movies, and other copyright-infringing sites leaked out of the country.


  • Gostream currently has a global Alexa rank of 477 and a local rank of 170 in the U.S. According to SimilarWeb data, as of July 2017, Gostream (and its associated domains) had 18.45 million unique visitors.
  • Retrieved February 21, 2019. A major development in 2018 was the closure of a ring of piracy services operating under the names 123movies, 123movieshub, go stream and go movies. It follows a criminal investigation in Vietnam revealing significant industry involvement. Since its closure, many copycat sites have emerged. This ring of piracy services blocked this privacy service ring in at least eight countries before shut down, and efforts are being made to shut down imitators as well:
  • February 2019 Obtained on the 21st. “Currently, the most popular illegal website in the world, 123movies.to (currently) operates in Vietnam and has 98 million monthly visitors,” said MPAA Executive Vice President and Global Content Protection. Director Jan van Voorn said.
  • Retrieved February 21, 2019. Alexa has a global rank of 559 and a local rank of 386 in U.S. 123movies. 

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