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This page addresses Leaked Reality, its clones, and sites like Leaked Reality. You can find movies on the website Leaked Reality from around the world. Leaked Reality features information on almost any subject, from random videos to documentaries, lectures, snippets, shows, and podcasts.

These topics include history, crime, politics, nature, and music. LeakedReality.com works similarly to YouTube in that anyone can create a channel and upload videos. Use the powerful search engine to check up on these channels and films.


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  • Each day, dozens of fresh videos are added.
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Websites like Leaked Reality

Here are given some websites like leaked Reality:

The Blood Factory

There are no fees to join The Blood Factory, a website where you may watch horror films, clips, and videos. It has a similar interface to Hoodsite and provides similar services, but with a few new features to make it more engaging. You must be 18 years old to visit this site, although you can do so from anywhere globally.

It has a fairly straightforward interface that is simple to use and does not require a login to use its services. Just visit the website to begin limitless streaming.

Similar to other sites, The Blood Factory provides a variety of ways for you to select your favorite film, including browsing categories and using an advanced search box.

Body Modification Ezine (BME)

A free online publication devoted to body alteration is Body Modification Ezine (BME). There are several categories for each of the photographs and videos on this website, and you can quickly and without any restrictions browse through each variety.


ShockGore is an online video community that provides you with the most disturbing content, including gore from real-world events. You can easily access the site from anywhere worldwide, and it regularly updates with hundreds of new videos. It has more than ten thousand videos in total.

Leaked Reality

Leaked Reality is the fastest-growing online community for those who wish to stream, store, and share weird videos. According to the website, it offers one of the greatest collections of random and leaked videos available for streaming anywhere in the world.

All of the videos on this website fall under various genres, including documentaries, entertainment, cars, robberies, and accidents. You are free to explore this category at will.


The fastest-expanding platform where you can stream bizarre and extreme content is called “Theync.” It serves as a replacement for Hoodsite and provides all the essential services, along with some new tools and features. You must be at least 18 years old to access this site.


One of the most well-known internet video communities is Hoodsite, where you may watch crime-related videos such as those of robberies, shootings, and accidents. The site contains up to 50,000 films and is updated daily with many new videos, making it the fastest-growing community with millions of users worldwide.


This list, in our opinion, will surely help you decide which sites like Leaked Reality are the finest. Please give any feedback or recommendations in the space below if you have any thoughts on websites like Leaked Reality. Thank you for reading this article.

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