Facts about How To Get Away With Murder Season 7

American law and crime are the subjects of the TV show How To Get Away With Murder season 7. The program premiered on ABC in September 2014. Due to how popular it is, it has had numerous renewals. Each season also contains 15 episodes.

IMDb gave it an 8.1/10 rating. On Rotten Tomatoes, 88% of users rated it positively. The program’s final season it was premiered in September 2019. May 2020 marked the end of it.

Statistics about How To Get Away With Murder

Shondaland, Norwalk Entertainment, and ABC Studios collaborated with Peter Norwalk to produce the program. The performance in the legal drama earned a lot of positive feedback. Here are the statistics about how to get away with murder.

Drama NameHow to Get Away With Murder Season 7
Total Episodes90 Episodes
Released onAmazon Prime Video and Netflix
Season 7Canceled
CategoryMystery Drama and Crime

Cast list for Season 7 of How to Get Away With Murder

Although there hasn’t been a formal announcement about the future season of How To Get Away With Murder, we can expect almost all of the characters to return if season 7 does have a launch date. We can also anticipate some well-known names in season 7.

In addition to the majority of them returning, we might also see several new recurring and side roles in the upcoming season. There are numerous well-known and outstanding actors in the show, including

  • In the role of Analyse Keating, Viola Davis.
  • Actor Billy Brown plays Nate Lahey.
  • Connor Walsh as Jack Falahee.
  • Aja As Michaela Pratt, Naomi King is cast.
  • Asher Millstone’s attorney is Matt McGorry.
  • Charlie Weber plays the role of Frank Delfino.

When is the release date for How to Get Away With Murder Season 7?

How to Get Away with Murder season 7 has been canceled after six episodes. According to an ABC representative, season 6 will be the show’s last.

The show will be released on Netflix and Amazon Prime. The show’s creators said that they always planned for the series to have just six seasons in total.

What is the How to Get Away With Murder Season 7 Expected Plot?

As previously established, season seven of the show won’t be happening. Therefore, we are unsure of what the story might be. But we believe that if the program makes a reappearance in the future, it won’t lack storylines.

The legal thriller might jump ahead in time and pick up years after season six. The subject of the upcoming season may be Annalize’s future or one of the other characters from the show.

Sandrine’s destiny is also still mostly a mystery. And if she is dead, who killed her still needs to be determined. If the series continues, fans will undoubtedly be in for a wild trip no matter what may happen.


How to Get Away With Murder won’t be back for season 7, and the entire run of the show had 8.1 out of 10 ratings on IMDB, 88% on Rotten Tomatoes, and 68% on TV Guide. Thank you for reading this article.

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