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This article makes a specialty of the pleasant files over miles alternatives. Files Over Miles is a web protocol allowing you to ship documents directly to different humans.

This protocol will permit customers to percentage documents from browser to browser without issue. In addition to studying greater approximately Files Over Miles, it often stocks huge documents using a great net connection.

Additionally, humans can percentage cloud-primarily based documents with an available click. With Files Over Miles’s assistance, it’s now easy and secure to percentage documents with browsers. Many humans use this protocol to speedy switch crucial statistics documents with an available click.


Standout functions of documents over miles are:

  • Free of charge
  • Simple to apply Simple to percentage Safe
  • Transferring statistics securely.
  • Top eleven Files Over Miles Alternatives
  • The pinnacle eleven Files over miles options are as follows:

Top Files Over Miles Alternatives listed

Even though Files Over Miles is no longer available, you can still share your files using the alternatives listed below.



MyAirBridge is another one of the well-liked Files Over Miles alternatives that you can use to share your files. The platform offers two practical ways to share files. Using a link to share files is the first approach.

The service will create a special link you can share with the recipient and allow them to download the files after uploading up to 20 GB of files using this method.

The second method involves sending files to someone via email. To do this, enter their email address, and they will receive an email containing a link to the files.



Email is typically now no longer the finest manner to transmit massive documents, even though numerous workarounds permit you to ship massive documents through it. What then? Try SHAREit first, in case you haven’t already.

A Wi-Fi report switch app is known as SHAREit. They may also switch documents as much as 2 hundred instances quicker than Bluetooth permits so long as people are related to the identical community and feature the software program established on their devices.

There isn’t any tremendous loss on the quickest switch pace of 42MB/s. It takes much less than 30 seconds to proportion a 1GB report.

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft, one of the best files over miles alternatives, provides secure ways for staff members and coworkers inside and outside your company to share and work together on content, boosting output and efficiency.

You can collaborate on Office documents using any browser, mobile device, or desktop application because OneDrive is a component of Office 365. Even better, if you disconnect, Microsoft will automatically upload any changes you make to your files.

Mega LTD: Files Over Miles Alternatives

Mega LTD: Files Over Miles Alternatives

MEGA is a free productivity and file storage app made by Mega LTD. It offers its users secure cloud storage, which they can access through specialized software and web browsers.

This app cannot reset or access your password because secure end-to-end encryption is used throughout. This app makes it simple for users to upload files from their tablets and smartphones.

People worldwide can use this app by simply downloading content for offline access and viewing.



The free productivity and file storage app pCloud, created by pCloud LTD, allows users to preview work-related documents, back up photos from their devices, and play playlists.

This app makes it simple for users to upload files from their tablets and smartphones. Because of this app’s user-friendly interface, anyone in the world can use it.


Dropbox Files Over Miles Alternatives

Dropbox, one of the best files over miles alternatives, Inc. developed the free productivity and file-hosting app. Users can upload files to the cloud storage and share files with whoever they choose using this app, allowing them to use it to name specific folders for storing particular files.

Additionally, this app can store any data, including word documents, pictures, videos, and pdf files. You can back up your files using this app and access them from anywhere in the world.

Send Anywhere: Files Over Miles Alternatives

Send Anywhere: Files Over Miles Alternatives

Wi-Fi sharing is also possible with the long-distance file transfer program to Send Anywhere. To use Send Anywhere, you don’t need to register for an account.

Unlike many other apps that allow you to send large films. Instead, it uses a six-digit key and the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt communication between two devices.

You can share files with many users using the program in circumstances where your network has a significant number of Send Anywhere-capable devices. You can also use it to transfer files to a particular device.


FEEM Files Over Miles Alternatives

If you want to share files with devices on your LAN, consider FEEM, one of the best files over distance options.

Thanks to this dependable and brisk file-sharing service, you can quickly share files with devices on LAN. It is 50 times faster than Bluetooth, the company claims. Furthermore, it is twice as quick as Dropbox, which is very encouraging.

The best feature of Feem is that all local processing is done; no servers are used during the transfer. It can work well with the hotspot on your smartphone and is also WiFi-free.


Tresorit Files Over Miles Alternatives

The free productivity and cloud storage app from Tresorit is called Tresorit, which is one of the best files over miles alternatives.

Creating memos about team meetings and saving photos in this app is safe, so end-to-end encryption is used to share and store data. By controlling this app’s permissions, users can maintain ownership of their files.

The service of this comprehensive file-sharing solution is accessible from both desktop and mobile devices. People from all over the world can use Tresorit thanks to its user-friendly interface.

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Sync Files Over Miles Alternatives

The reputable all-in-one online file-sharing platform Sync is used by over 2 million users. One of the best files over miles options is this one.

For project-specific operations, almost every organization must share files and folders with different internal teams and clients, vendors, and other parties.

Conclusion: Files Over Miles Alternatives

Here are some of the best files Over miles alternatives are currently available. If you’re old enough to remember the days of email attachments and USB drives, sharing data across borders may seem like a dream come true.

By moving all your data to the cloud, you can now free up space on your smartphone and easily share it with your loved ones while accessing it from anywhere in the world. I hope you were able to find what you needed. I appreciate you reading this article.

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