GPO Map: Grand Online Map Game

The popular anime One Piece heavily influences the GPO Map game, a two-team Roblox game. In order to defeat their opponents, players must exert all of their effort to reach their full ability.

And getting a boost to maximize your character’s stats is never a bad thing. In a fiercely competitive combat-based game like Grand Piece Online. Having a plan in place makes sailing on the open seas much more enjoyable, of course.

This book includes detailed maps of both sea regions as well as the complete GPO map. Knowing the whereabouts of every island will enable you to select a specific destination and travel with purpose. Let’s jump right in, shall we? Put on your favorite eyepatch.

Maps on the Grand Piece

Grand Piece Online’s overworld is divided into the First Sea, also known as the Sea of Phoeyu, and the Second Sea (or the New World).

You may discover maps of both regions, a list of all the islands in each, recommendations for your level while visiting them, and a list of the goods you can find on each island below. We’ll also cover Skypiea (Land of the Sky), which is the First Sea’s largest inhabited region.

GPO Map Update 5

GPO Map Update 5 is finally available because the game has finally received an update after a long period. And everyone is curious as to what will be revealed in this next release. Let’s discuss the fifth GPO Map Update.

You can observe two new islands in this latest game update 5.

  • Bark Thriller.
  • Foro Island.

Sea map 

Here is the list of 2 GPO maps as follows:

  • First sea map
  • Second sea map.

You can learn more about the Grand Piece Online Map (GPO) map game. You can view the images of these two GPO maps displayed below:

First sea map

Second sea map


We sincerely hope that you find this GPO map reference useful. When it comes to high-quality video games, “too many” is an oxymoron.

If you want to take a break from sailing the seas, check out our selection of entertaining Roblox games. The game is fun and exciting to play. Thank you for reading this article.

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