How to Get to Castle DarkMoor-Guide?

How to Get to Castle DarkMoor? We’ve brought you the Darkmoor Strategy Guide you’ve all been waiting for. Darkmoor consists of three dungeons. First, Castle Darkmoor, then Upper Hall, and finally Cemetery. 

Three thousand four hundred ninety-five crowns buy this area permanently, and 495 peaks get him 6 hours. So from start to finish, all can complete three dungeons in under two hours if the strategy goes according to plan. Here you will spend a lot of time making farm tools and helping your friends do the same, even more so if this is the first noble Wizard.

Spiral has some new spells. Strategize in a slightly different way than the guides you’ve read before. That is why we will carefully describe each Boss and all his three parts of the area. By following this guide, you’ll get through the dungeons much easier and faster, and it’ll be even more fun to get your hands on the essential Maristair drops.


Howling Chaney

The first Boss you encounter in Castle Darkmoor is Howling Chaney. If you or your pet heals even slightly in this battle, Chaney will attack you with gnomes. That’s Chaney’s only cheat, so stacking feints and blades is the way to go; my favorite strategy is to stack some maneuvers on top of the Boss and then storm him attack with something like a lord, But again, blades are a good fit here. Chaney is calm, but don’t get used to it. There are still bigger challenges.


Next is Sir Blackwater. Lord Blackwater will remove any one of his blades you throw at him. “I Disarm you, Wizard” If you are not Life or Fire, you can cast Ghost or Elemental Blade yourself. He removes only his three final blades. Can use Aegis yourself if someone on your team is above your level. An edge that prevents fraud.

Despite looking like a swarm of stars, Blackwater is a true Storm. He is the same Storm as the Boss. Blackwater becomes a Dark Pact, removing weaknesses and universal traps like feints at the end of the cast turn. As such, the only way to fake this Boss is to fake it on the same turn the attacker hits it. How to Get to Castle DarkMoor?

In round 5, things start to get worse when Boss throws Pierce his ring within the same round, followed by Shadow, his school attack. The ideal strategy here is to stack as many blades as possible on the attacker on turns 1-3. Then, on turn 4, have each teammate, except the attacker, cast a different feint on the Boss while the attacker is attacking. If you follow this plan of attack, you can defeat Blackwater in no time.

After defeating Lord Blackwater

Go up and see a locked door. There is only one treasure chest in the room. The best drop you can get is the Domination Amulet, which provides accuracy, a little damage, and a very useful Shadow Shield. Please use it here. Howling Werewolf’s Collar is one example of the Amulets of Domination that drop here.

Continue up the stairs to reach the final area of ​​Darkmoor Castle. There’s a boss here that you can fight if you fail a puzzle, but his drop isn’t worth mentioning, and it doesn’t often happen because there’s still a lot of fight left. Crimson Box Run to and press X, then climb onto the platform and pull down the central lever. A spotlight will appear on the far door, the exit to Part 1, Castle Darkmoor.

Part 2, Upper Hall

When you first enter the Upper Hall, you’ll see a horde of Darkmoor Gargoyles at the end of a long corridor. For some reason, you don’t have to face this mob unless you’re complete. They don’t drop important items and currently can’t be harvested for Animus. It will drag you in, but the rest of your team members must avoid this mob.

Once the team is safely through, the first caster must escape and use his Recall dungeon. When approaching a group for the second time, no “drag” is triggered, and the first caster can walk around the mob by going straight to one of the side doors.

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The first Boss of the upper floor


Ashtanga is a fire boss who likes to steal blades using Steal Charms. So unless you have an enchanting aegis, you have no self-blade. Once the Blade is cast, Akhtang will “take it away from you.” It includes the Elemental Blade; he takes the 3rd Blade from whoever gets it.

The only way around this is to use Aegis. This fight can sometimes get hilarious as minions are killing Insane his bolts and themselves, but the same attack can hit you too. So it is not very interesting.

With proper planning, this Boss is quick and easy. We recommend a 4-round find-kill strategy. With each turn, supporters cast a different feint. Attackers score in Round 4. Blades are optional but appreciated. Shatter should be on standby as a treasure map in case the Boss decides to use the Storm Shield. Then use the same strategy in the Graveyard. How to Get to Castle DarkMoor?

After defeating Akhtang, you will face a harsh mob. Unlike previous gargoyles, these minions are worth fighting for if you collect the Animus. No serious cheats. They should be quick and easy to kill. However, if you’re in a hurry to acquire new spells, you can also walk around them and move on to the next Boss.

Spirit of Darkmoor

Spirit of Darkmoor is a Life/Fire/Mythos boss that resists these three factions. If ringed, she casts her Mass Scald. With all its penetrating power, this attack can wreak havoc on dimensional defenses. Recommend to. If you set a trap, it will attack with a very powerful wand attack. The only traps that don’t trigger this cheat are mass traps such as Windstorm and Mass Feint.

Many other nightmares await if you keep this Boss alive on his fifth turn. Don’t worry too much about that, though, as it uses a 4-round fintkill strategy. Increase. We won’t talk about what happens in Round 5. If the worst happens and you reach round 5, escape and try again. It rarely happens, but you should complete it by Round 4 and move on to the next fight.

Shane von Shane

Assuming you didn’t fight him instead of solving the puzzle, this will be your first time fighting, Shane von Shane. You’ll face him again in the Graveyard, so remember the strategies and cheats you’re using here.

If you or your pet heals, he will attack you with 1,000 highly penetrating vampires. It means healing pets. Healers can intentionally cast healing when facing Shane by casting Death his shield first if the team requires it. This Boss should spam this. This means that he must be attacked by his teammates every round. 

The good news is that spells like Bros, Stag Knight, Poison, and Elves are considered spam here as long as the overtime tick is active. Our deception strategy will not work here. Because even with compensation, all universal traps are removed. Luckily, this version of Shane has other blades, traps, and shields at his disposal. After a few turns of blade stacking, it should be a pretty quick kill. Shane is the final Boss of the Upper Hall.

Part 3, Cemetery

Welcome to the final part of Darkmoor, Cemetery. It is where you’ll likely spend the most time in Darkmoor and where the essential Malistair gear drops.


The first Boss behind the cemetery gate is the zombie gatekeeper Yevgeny. This Boss stuns the caster whenever a blade is cast. On turn five, Evgeny hits the Wizard with the lowest heat with a powerful Weaver.

It often kills the receiving Wizard. The good news is that you can feint. Again, use a solid 4-round find-kill strategy. When you reach round 5, you have to smash it before you can hit it. This Boss is usually pretty fast; the faster you kill it, the better the drop. Finally, check to see if you can get one of the coveted Graveyard drops, No Auction, School-Specific Damage.


Yes, he’s back. This time it has a mechanical robot body. This version of Shane adds some of the same rules as before. This time he’s back as Storm’s Boss instead of Death. If the attacker is Storm, it must be converted. Again, it would help if you had a spammer and a death shield before you can heal on purpose. Note that Shane will receive his Supercharge for free if he chooses Blade. 

In other words, if you select Blade while his pips are high, you’ll unleash a giant blade on him that can kill you. Then add some edges when his pips are low, and Shane von Shane won’t be a problem for a long time.


Malistair is the final Boss of the Graveyard and has the coveted valuable equipment. The minion that spawns every time you face him is a random school. Maristair steals any Universal Blade or Shield cast and removes all Universal Traps.

There are some notable exceptions to this rule. If you balance and cast, Bladestorm will only receive your blades and not everyone’s blades. If someone on your team is above level 100 and has Indemnity trained, you can throw a universal trap like Feint on that Boss. If you can protect the Blade with Aegis, you can withstand cheats. Mass Fint is not removed by Malistaire and can be stacked with other traps.

An earthquake occurs every four rounds. So here’s my favorite sure-fire strategy for casters with level gear and stats: Catch the Boss in the first four rounds. Turn five, and he stacks blades on turn six before hitting on turn 7 or 8. Yes, we need a lap count here. When Maristair dies for the first time, he returns even healthier, so they call him immortal. Casting Doom and Gloom in Death Round is an ideal strategy to counter this cheat.

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