How to Make a Gun in Little Alchemy?

We sincerely hope you like Little Alchemy and how to make a gun in Little Alchemy. As it turns out, Little Alchemy requires quite a few stages, beginning with the fundamental four components to construct firearms from scratch. The complete process for making a gun in Little Alchemy is here since we believe in building things from the ground up.

The Little Alchemy: Short Intro

Little Alchemy is a straightforward game built on the age-old concept of combining ingredients to produce new things. Up to 480 components are possible after starting with just 4. Although it appears to take a while, learning is enjoyable and informative.

How to play Little Alchemy

You begin with four components first. like earth, water, air, fire, etc. You can combine these components to create absurd things, like a book. Paper and wood are required to construct a book.

To make wood, one must use a tool and a tree, among other methods. By taking those steps, you have already climbed four of the top eight components. Using Little Alchemy’s approved cheats is an approach to obtaining extra elements.


  • Imagine you wanted a sandwich.
  • Ham and bread are necessary.
  • Fire and flour are required to make bread.

I hope you enjoyed reading the introduction to this fantastic game, Little Alchemy.

How to Make a Gun in Little Alchemy

Procedures to make a Gun in Little Alchemy

Here are the steps of how to make a gun in the little Alchemy:

  • Fire + earth = lava. 
  • Earth + air = dust. 
  • Fire + dust = gunpowder.
  • Lava + air = stone.
  • Stone + fire = metal.
  • metal + gunpowder = bullet
  • metal + bullet = gun

The seven stages of Little Alchemy that lead to the creation of a gun may at first appear overwhelming. The approach to problem-solving, though, is to divide larger tasks into smaller ones.

It turns out that the first two processes are for generating gunpowder, while the next three are for making metal, the raw material for building a gun.

A Little Alchemy: How to Make a Gun

Considering you have already started the game:

  • Step 1: Click and drag BULLET onto the playing field from the Elements panel.
  • Step 2: From the Elements menu, choose Metal, and put it on the BULLET. That was already placed on the playing board in Step 1.

In Little Alchemy, you have successfully created a gun. That was easy, wasn’t it? It’s great to get further knowledge about our physical world through Little Alchemy’s fantastic game.

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