How to Tame an Allay in Minecraft?

The 1.19 update adds exciting new additions to the game, like how to tame an alley in Minecraft, mangrove swamps, an ancient city with a Warden, frogs, and more. Allay’s inclusion in Minecraft 1.19, however, captured the attention of the community more than anything else.

The best in-game companion to have is this adorable, amiable mob, who is swiftly rising to the top. There was, however, no simple way to obtain extra Allays before recently (even in the official release), so you had to go out and hunt for them.

Allay can now be duplicated in Minecraft, so you can quickly amass hundreds of this charming mob. Now that we’ve established that, let’s get started and discover how to breed Allay in Minecraft straight away!

Where to Find an Allay in Minecraft

As of the Wild Update, there are only two places to find Allays. Outposts of the plunderers and homes in the woods are these places. The Allay spawn egg can be used by players to instantaneously spawn in Allay, just like with all other Minecraft mobs.

In Minecraft, how to Tame an Allay

In Minecraft, an Allay cannot be tamed technically. Allay must be given something, though, if you want this mob to follow you as tamed mobs do. To complete the task and tame an alley in minecraft, you can utilize anything, from simple objects like buttons to uncommon ones like diamonds.

However, the item will fly away and stop following you after you return it to the Allay. Allay can also be restrained with a leash if you want to stop it from escaping even if it isn’t carrying anything. You can also decide to replace it and give Allay another object to keep it.

Items Needed to Recreate or Breed an Allay

Check out the list of items required in Minecraft to breed or clone an Allay now that its utility has been established:

  • One Allay
  • An Amethyst Shard
  • A Jukebox 
  • any disc of music

To learn the biomes and structures where Allay spawns in Minecraft, check our finding Allay guide. Don’t forget to give the Allay something random to keep it following you around. You could, alternatively, tie a lead around Allay’s neck. Let’s find out how to obtain the other goods on this list right away.


Allay’s have helpful features that might aid players in their Minecraft explorations. Up until people offer it an item, the Allay will roam around aimlessly before starting to look for more of that thing to return to players.

As a result, players can enjoy the Allay as a fun friend and an effective ally in addition to being a treasure-seeking mob. Thank you for reading this article.

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