The Bestgore Like Websites

Are you looking for the top Bestgore like websites in 2022? Bestgore is a Canadian shock website that Marek started in 2008 and featured uncensored news, ominous images, and disturbing videos. After publishing a live murder video in 2012, Bestgore received much media attention.

The following list of top websites, including bestgore, contains many materials that could cause terrifying dreams. You might want to read something else if nightmares aren’t your thing. You’ve been made aware of this!

Describe Bestgore

Bestgore videos was a website that brought together all the graphic content elsewhere on the internet for its visitors. In addition, by serving as a social networking site for Gore supporters, the website catered to them. Users of this website could share and comment on the still images and the graphic movies presented on it.

Top Bestgore Like Websites

Check out the top websites, such as bestgore, where you can watch movies about murder, the bizarre, and other scary things in 2022.


One of the best websites, similar to BestGore, is Hoodsite. The movies offered by the Hood site are undoubtedly considerably “softer” than those from the gore mentioned above. For instance, you can discover footage of fights or news reports based on actual events. 


You can access their Real Medical Autopsy Photos and Videos section by clicking this link. Numerous posts are made about autopsies, the coroner’s position, funeral homes, and other topics. It is one of the top websites like bestgore in 2022.

Demise Date

If you take life too seriously, it depends on your choice for the ultimate gore website. Who, after all, cares when they will pass away? Nevertheless, it’s a fantastic website, and I believe the algorithm considers your addictions when estimating your death age.

The website displays your death date in three ways: neutral, optimistic, and pessimistic. Pick the one that sparks your irrational interest. Then, take the alleged date and begin living it fully if you want to start taking life seriously.

The Damaged Corpse

Annabelle and The Curse of Chucky might have ruined your memory of your childhood dolls. This webpage is, therefore, just another knife cut.

The images convey the global message “holy creeps!” even though the website is in French. Collages, masks, and dolls are just a few of the marvelously (and horrifyingly) innovative artistic mediums used by Françoise Duvivier.

The Blood Factory

The background music is what makes you tingle first. It is, without a doubt, an unsettling website. And none other than Danny DeVito, a fan of horror movies, is the one who is bringing it to you. The Blood Factory creates horror-themed short films. It will be among the top Bestgore alternatives in 2022.

There are now about 16 short horror films on the website. You can choose them while watching them in the “darkened theatre.” Even though the website was launched in 2009, I’m not sure how regularly it is updated. It might become a footnote in online history.


However, see whether any tales, films, or spooky visuals send chills down your spine. You and your kids are free to watch television together because I saw no blood or gore.

Maybe a nighttime storytelling session would be more effective. This covers all websites that are similar to bestgore, like

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