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This article is a guide about US Phone Book Alternatives. Local phone books serve as a great directory and informational resource. And if you find a contemporary online phonebook, you won’t ever want to use a standard Google search again.

Instead, the US Phone Book is a great tool for locating individuals or getting in touch with information. US Phone Book is typically associated with phone number searches, but other choices may provide far more details if you know the person’s full name.

US Phone Book

The majority of the below solutions appear to be very similar, yet they differ in terms of characteristics. These might be useful, but I urge you to pick a search-enabled phone book.

US research

  • US research offers more features and emphasizes background checks and history more than US Phone books, making it a fantastic substitute.
  • Given that US OneSEARCH has over 650 million US criminal records in its database, it is the most well-liked alternative.
  • Of course, you would require far more details than just the person’s complete name. The full name, birth date, SSN, and state are required.
  • However, armed with this knowledge, you can access a wealth of data that the US Phone Book cannot provide.
  • Although not everyone has access to this information, US OneSEARCH is a fantastic option if you’re an employer or someone is willing to offer it for your peace of mind.

People Looker

  • PeopleLooker is a fantastic substitute for the US Phone Book because it accomplishes the same task while incorporating features that facilitate your search.
  • Using PeopleLooker, you may look up individuals by name, contact information, or email address. You can even search for relatives by looking up individuals’ family trees. The fact that you can search for various ways gives PeopleLooker the biggest edge over US Phone Book in this regard.
  • When you locate a long-lost acquaintance or a distant relative using PeopleLooker, you can also access a background check option to learn more about them, including their location, contact details, and more.
  • The fact that PeopleLooker displays people’s photos (where feasible), ages, and social media profiles.

Instant Checkmate

  • Instant Checkmate is one of the simplest and most effective alternatives to the US Phone Book.
  • You can begin your search by looking for a person by their first and last name. If you are familiar with the neighborhood where they reside, it will be advantageous for you to start your search there.
  • You can get social media accounts, images, public records, background checks, and all available contact information by simply typing in the name of the person you’re looking for.
  • You’d enjoy using Instant Checkmate’s simple interface if you liked US Phone Book’s ease of use.
  • An instant Checkmate is a great tool for finding people, but it’s also useful for businesses.


  • PeopleSmart is a very straightforward substitute for the US Phone Book. It is jam-packed with contemporary features to aid anyone looking for an old acquaintance, a member of their family, or someone new in their lives.
  • Given that it works better for people and businesses, PeopleSmart has a significant edge over US Phone Book.
  • Thanks to the user-friendly interface’s simplistic design, anyone may conduct research, and you won’t have trouble interpreting the findings.
  • While utilizing the first and last name is an excellent place to start your search, you can also use the industry or profession in PeopleSmart to hunt up professionals.
  • You may focus your search and come closer to the person you’re looking for with only these two capabilities.


  • Whitepages Pro was formerly known as Ekata, an upgraded version that contributes to more accurate identity verification.
  • The closed-source, proprietary Ekata Identity Engine, on which the entire search engine is built, lowers the risk of payment fraud, phony accounts, and transaction fraud while giving users a rapid and simple search experience.
  • Ekata has such a strong engine that, while you can use it to find anyone in your life or someone you used to know, it is a very important tool to organizations attempting to increase their security. This is a fantastic substitute for US Phone Book because it is a vast improvement.
  • You can search full name, but the more details you provide, your results will be more accurate.


Modern phone books are a better option than traditional phone books, which were formerly fantastic for combing through the pages and getting excited when you found what you were looking for.

Additionally, you can obtain much more information than in a single phone book. Thank you for reading this article.

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